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About US


SAGF is an integrated system of development in the world of construction and development and its development to meet the needs in the Kingdom, which is balanced with modernity and originality and the quality of implementation at appropriate costs and appropriate to the requirements of the market in accordance with the appropriate standards and the name of SAGF has been associated with many institutions And local and international companies.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading contracting company in our business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Arabian Gulf region and to be one of the largest companies involved in the urban development and implementation of projects at the highest international quality and in accordance with the technical principles recognized and adopted globally through our technical and administrative cadres. Highly experienced.

Our Message

Our mission is to execute and deliver all projects successfully and according to the highest standards of excellence and meet the requirements of customers in terms of time, cost and quality factors while ensuring transparency, credibility and commitment to provide quality standards in the selection of employment and installation tools and safety and achieve the highest level of Quality standards to satisfy business by seeking a successful and safe working environment at all times.

Our mission

Is to establish close and fruitful cooperation with our customers and provide the finest and the finest services, which will be the basis for the company’s ultimate success in meeting the customer’s special demands.

Our Planes

To be one of the first institutions and companies in the development of construction sector in line with human development plans and achieve the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030.

Our philosophy

Success is not a coincidence but credibility and quality are the secret

Our goals

To achieve leadership and effectiveness in the field of construction and development

The team

Our team is an assembly of imaginative and energetic designers and artists.

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